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Automotive Backup Sensors

DJ, Et Al.,

If this has not been discussed before, has there been any thought in (re-)using the round backup sensors on automobiles?

I envision 8 or more in a perimeter around my robot fro collision avoidance, proximity sensing, Etc.

Thanks in advance PapaStauth


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The aftermarket sets are all Ultra-sonic, not radar, so have no advantage over the already supported (and even sold by EZ-Robot) Ultrasonic ping sensor or 3rd party IR sensors. To use an automotive kit, you would need to figure out if it was analog or digital signal and how to interface to it, just buy already supported sensors and save yourself a lot of useless expensive work.

Thanks for the feedback.

Can EZ support multiple Ultrasonic Radar Scanners?
Yes. EZ-B has 24 digital ports. The EZ-Robot sensor requires 2 ports, so you could run 12 per EZ-B (but no other digital devices). The Parallax ping sensor is 100% compatible, and only requires 1 digital port, so the EZ-B could run 24 of them, or fewer but still allow other digital devices (servos, sensors, H-bridges, etc...).

There are numerous users running multiple PING sensors on their robots.


Thank you for your assistance
they work great. the processing load can also be taken off the V4. pinging 8 sensors will put a load on the v4 and these read further distances than the ping sensors. they also look better.

on the downside they are 12v sensors and you will have to use something like a PIC or Arduino to process the signal and pass serial back to the pi or the V4.