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Audio Sync Question.

I was wondering what would be the most accurate method for syncing audio with movements. Kind of "acunimatronics"? Would it be best to just code by timing, which would be quite time consuming? Or, is there a way to measure the levels of an audio output? Kind of like all of those audio sync psychedelic screen savers on xbox.

BTW the old school 3DO system from the 90's still has one of the most accurate and intricate ones. It pick up alot of the mids and treble, not just the base spikes like most did back then. The graphics were simpler but it was amazingly accurate.

Thanks for any input anyone may have.


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United Kingdom
Personally speaking I would use script timing, that's how I did it with Melvin when he sneezes and coughs, although those actions are simpler than if you're thinking like sound along the lines of Titus/Titan/Whatever it's name is (it's early, I'm still asleep)

But even then, I would use script timing and MP3s which are the right length for the movement sound. The way I see it is you will get a much better result that way despite the extra work that is needed.
LOLOLOLOLOL what a great vid! I'm thinking something similar, not quite as elaborate. (Only because of experience and finances. I'm sure that guy has some serious coin invested into him.)

Thanks for the input. I was thinking that scripting and timing would be the way I'd have to go. I just didn't know if there was a real good audio sensor that I could use so I could just put the motions in and let them be triggered by the sensor. But I have a good idea of how to accomplish what I want to do with scripting and timing thanks to another question I had about another idea.

Thanks again:)
United Kingdom
The video isn't really a robot, it's a guy in a suit. Just so you know:) Sorry if I killed any illusions, when I found out (after watching a few of them and spotting it) it was like when I found out Narnia wasn't real!..
Don't believe him dschulpius. I found some socks I forgot that I owned and well, let's just say there's some sort of life forms in my wardrobe.