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Audio Out Etc

Hello from Blighty. Absolute beginner here, but with the superb EZRobot kit have knocked up something that does all sorts of stuff. However I want to run audio out to an (mini) amp/speaker.

I can see the speaker holes, so just taking a speaker from there seems simple enough, however not clear whether amplifying this amplified signal is that good an idea ? And would this necessitate removing the original speaker ?

But taking the signal before ezb amplifying would be favourite. I've been reading a lot of posts on this subject, however my board seems different to the examples. (Sorry, not a great pic)

Be gentle with me, only vaguely know what I'm doing - bit of help here'd be great. Thanks Tony

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United Kingdom

Hi DJ - love your work. Many thanks for your reply.

I have read all those and understand. However my board is different to all the pics ? There is only one hole, not two as in your pic(and different circuitry). The DAC connection being the lower of the two. If your saying it's that one ............. great. Also the Datasheet says that the 'spkr' holes are for amplified output, suggesting that it's not suitable to amplify ..... yet I've read the opposite.

Sorry if I'm being thick. Tony


Thanks for the kind words. I believe the speaker output reference in the data sheet is on page 6.

You’re most likely going to want the non amplified output. The picture is identical in the data sheet to your ezb.

Find the data sheet for the ezb here: https://synthiam.com/Tutorials/Lesson/18?courseId=4

Consult page 6, which discusses the speaker output for the ezb. There are both amplified and non simplified sections on page 6 of the data sheet. For the non amplified speaker output, there is only one pin, which is referenced on page 6 of the datasheet. Connect the signal wire of your amplifier input to that pin and the ground wire of the amplifier input to common ground.

Look at the datasheet on page 6 to assist in identifying where the single pin for non amplified speaker output is on the ezb.


Signal is the gold plated round hole center left and the ground is the gold plated square hole upper center right. ;)