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At Home Camera Pro Ez-Builder Compatibility

I found this app called the athome camera pro, and what it does is stream the camera over a secure ip encrypted connection. If we could tap into it we could use our ios devices as a camera on our robots.

United Kingdom
If it streams it as a jpeg image you can use it. Any details on it? Links etc? It wouldn't be difficult at all to find out the url for the image.
I found a better app. It's called WebCamera by SHAPE GmbH. It's paid but looks like it would work better in the situation.
Much better app: EpocCam from kinoni

Tested and it works with ARC. The app sends data to the desktop app which has drivers to make it a webcam device. Free version has ads, and doesn't have anti-sleep. In ARC, theres 2 things. One is EpocCam, and the other is kinoni video source. EpocCam causes ez-buider to crash when selected. Kinoni video source works fine. Will make a quick video to demonstrate.