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Arduino Uno Compatibility

where i can find the firware to connect arduino uno to ez robot software


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There are multiple ways to connect. Here are the most commonly used.

1. Serial - to pass information between the boards.
2. I2C - to pass information between the boards.
3. digital pins - to pass bit logic between the boards (high low logic)

There isnt firmware to make these happen. The easiest way to do this is probably through the serial ports on both devices. Arduino would use the Serial object to print information and get information.
Example of using Arduino with EZB

post #37 has an example sketch.

For serial to work, you have to have a ground wire or common ground between the devices, and the tx/rx pins for the serial pins that you are going to use on this device cross connected. TX on EZB to RX on Arduino and RX on EZB to TX on Arduino. If you are only doing one way communication, you would connect TX on the device that is sending data to RX on the device that is receiving data.
If you don't want to use the EZB at all in the project, this is also possible through serial ports on the computer to the arduino. I have only done this through the use of the SDK and C# but that makes it possible to control an arduino through the com port of the PC.

The SDK is used to connect to ARC to do things there, and set variables which are queried by the c# application which does things on the arduino.

Without an EZB, I don't know why you would want to use ARC though. It is designed to work with the EZB to allow you to get and set information to devices on the EZB.