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Ardrone 2.0 Question Connecting Front Camera With Ezrobot

I am trying to connect my ardrone 2.0 front camera with EZ-Robot, but it doesnt work... i dont know why is this happening, and i would like to fix it. So if somebody can help me i will be really thankfull.

Opcional information: i am trying to use de color tracking for a proyect in my university, and i would like to have it before summer.



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Are you using the latest version if ARC and are selecting Drone 2 not Drone 1 in your project? They use different camera api and when support for the drone v2 was first added, the front camera didn't work, but DJ fixed it last year.

That being said, I haven't flown my drone all winter so a bug could have been introduced. I don't have time today, but I will test with my drone this week and make sure it still works.



I fly the drone v2 often around the office - there's no issues. As Alan mentioned, make sure you have v2 selected.

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thank you both, i will try it now... And dear DJ sures, i am sorry for posting it two times, but is my first time here and i thought when i was writing the post that one thing was to be answered by the official site and other was by the users, so sorry...

Pd: It looks like your drone is so strong haha you throw it like a stone to the flor haha