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Arc Software On Linux - Ubuntu

Can I use ARC software on Linux Ubuntu to program the robot?

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Hello @andreasannaxx 

The short answer is no, ARC only runs in windows.

If you could find a way to virtualize windows or dual boot it on the same PC/SBC you could likely get it to work.

@Synthiamsupport or @DJ may have some other suggestions for you but simply put ARC is windows based software.
#2   — Edited
There’s no Linux version of arc, unfortunately. Synthiam ARC is an agnostic software that works with any robot, sensor, and pc USB peripheral. Therefore ARC requires the huge driver and product library of windows. However, Linux’s support for peripherals and usability is much smaller than windows and, thus, far too limiting for users expecting agnostic Plug'n'Play creative robot programming. So we target innovative robot builders who don’t want to mess around with complicated operating systems by sticking with windows. 

Windows is meh, but it has incredible driver hardware support. Here’s a good support document that makes windows less windows haha: https://synthiam.com/Support/Tips-to-Make-a-Robot/free-space-with-windows-10