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Ar Parrot 2.0

Hi All, I am thinking of buying an AR Parrot 2.0, (from Best Buy for closeout $169.00) and using DJ's AR Drone control to fly it. Anyone have any comments, advice, suggestions, experiences, etc. on the control or drone itself? Thanks for your time and interest. Bill


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It will fly it, and do basic robotic stuff like color tracking through the camera. Not as good a flying user interface as the Parrot software or some other 3rd party Android and iOS apps out there, but it works.



I will always recommend against the AR drone as they are terrible for battery life. I was getting less than 5 minutes flight time on a new battery. That and it really is just a gimmick.


The other issue is horrible support from Parrot. They made all kinds of promises about improved software, and as soon as they released thr Beebop they stopped all development for ARDrone, but kept selling it for 2 years.

I get much better than 5 minute flight time, but would recommend a better supported drone if you can afford it.



Hi All, Thanks for your comments and suggestions. Since I am complete beginner flying a hand/eye coordination "toy", I bought the drone. Since it is winter here, getting experience indoors will not get me much further than understanding how all the features work. It did come with 2- 1500 mAh batteries that I am getting around 15 min. flying time with. I still have 10 days to take it back to BestBuy, so I have time to play with it now, and record video/pics on the 8gb sandisk cruzer and/or tablet.


Ensure you use the Ez-robot software as well before you run out of time.