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Ar Drone 2.0 Movement Tracking Using Glyphs

Hi! I am an engineering student doing my thesis on Ar Drones. I have to say, ARC has been very helpful in my studies. However, I have come up to a snag, and I'm afraid I need help.

Currently, I'm trying to write movement tracking script for the AR Drone on ARC, utilizing glyphs instead of colors or objects. The build-in movement tracking in camera device panel has been very helpful, but is not usable for my project. To make matter more complicated, I'm utilizing the bottom camera instead of the front camera. I'm hoping to look for assistance in writing a tracking script for the AR Drone.

If possible, I would also like to request the script for the movement tracking inside camera device. I only need it as reference for writing my program, as I have been unsuccessful in writing my own.


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What are you looking to do?


As I said, I want to write my a script that will allow the drone to track glyphs using its bottom camera, and maintains that position at a steady distance from it, say 0.5 meters. The movement tracking built into the camera device panel cannot achieve this because 1) it was written for the front camera, and 2) it programs the drone to track the glyph and close the distance immediately.

Additionally, I would also like to program certain behavior and movement into the drone, while the tracking script is still running. As of now, I placed a script device into the project, which I would then run mid-flight.

I looked over the resources available and I couldn't find much (understandable since this is a third party robot). I know I'm asking quite a lot, but I appreciate any help that you can give.