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Ar Drone 2.0 Camera Stream

I need help for some problems in my project at the university.
can you help me about Ardrone 2.0 camera stream. I used ARC and it's very useful software. i need to video stream from Ardrone 2.0 to use in matlab applications. But the format of the video data of Ardrone is h264. an application can be made as your camera script for to use in matlab or your camera script(dll's) is compatible with matlab?

  • can be imaged with ffmpeg, but how this stream is transferred to MATLAB for image processing? -I have tried using netcat port mapping methods but do not get a result. -I tried to stream transfer with ip camera identification via AMCap, but did not. maybe I am doing something wrong, I'm not sure. please help me... confused confused confused


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Do you need a stream in MATLAB, or will you be processing on individual image frames?

If a jpeg image is acceptable, in ARC, start the HTTP server and the drone camera, then you can get the image from http://ipaddress/CameraImage.jpg?c=Camera&Password=admin

where ipaddress is the IP of your EZ-B machine, not the AR-Drone.

use "localhost" if everything is running on the same machine.



I think Connecting MATLAB with OpenCV method will be suitable. I need to focus on this topic. I'm trying to object tracking with Ardrone 2.0 using Matlab/Simulink. jpeg recording method is not suitable for an infinite loop (I tried ffmpeg to png and it was but the system is extremely slow).

i need to do read&proces in real-time. FFmpeg is doing the necessary transcode(/ffmpeg -f h264 -i -c: copy udp: or http:) but i do not use it in MATLAB.

I tried to stream transfer with establishing ip camera device(dll) via AMCap. This method seemed reasonable. ffmpeg ---> transcode --> udp(ip camera port) firstly run ffmpeg and transcode & write data to udp and open amcap ... but did not confused

i saw the instrument in matlab imaqhwinfo('winvideo',2)

DefaultFormat: 'RGB24_640x480' DeviceFileSupported: 0 DeviceName: 'MJPEG Camera' DeviceID: 2 VideoInputConstructor: 'videoinput('winvideo', 2)' VideoDeviceConstructor: 'imaq.VideoDevice('winvideo', 2)' SupportedFormats: {'RGB24_640x480'}

but Amcap did not get the stream.

Thank you in advance for all your suggestions and help.


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