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Anyone Have Experience With Saleae Logic Analyzers?

I am in the market for a logic analyzer. Has anyone ever used the Saleae Logic Analyzers?

Their website


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I bought one from Sparkfun.com a few years ago, 4 channel USB version to monitor wireless Zigbee communication internal to the Roomba. Then found out due to the proprietary stack on the Roomba/Zigbee that there was no decode possible. The unit is now gathering dust on my workbench.

Here's a Sparkfun link to what I purchased.
I'm pretty sure DJ has a couple of them. Him and I met their team at Maker Fair a few years back and then got a tour of their head office in San Francisco. It was pretty cool to meet those guys.
I think these would be pretty helpful with xv LIDAR, HVC B5T and some other things going into my project. The data that can be gathered about what is being sent is amazing and would be very helpful in programming interfaces to these devices. I could also see it being used on a Sabertooth/kangaroo combo potentially to emulate what a kangaroo is doing without needing that board. It gets a bit hard to do accurate SLAM when you have a kangaroo in the way...