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Anyone Have A Spare Track For My Wall-E?

Hey EZ-B enthusiasts!

I'm looking for some help with my Wall-E. Unfortunately one of his rubber tracks is defective. The rubber is SO STIFF that his one track moves at half the speed of the other. I've tried a few different tricks to soften it up, but no success. I tried Olive oil and hot water. I soaked it over night in WD-40 and motor oil. Nothing seems to work.

My Wall-E is a little smaller than most so I've attached photos below. If anyone happens to have a spare I'll pay for it and shipping!

I'll try to post a video to show the effects of the stiff track. I've used HiFive to slow down the oposite track so he can at least walk straight, but now he's soooo slow!

Thanks in advance!


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User-inserted image

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