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Anyone Following This Project: Robotbase?

Anyone here on EZ-Robot backed this project: ?

Looks very interesting and they have an SDK.

I'm so glad EZ-Robot comes with an SDK, great hardware package that can make kids (and mine :D ) minds dream big with what they could do...

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I did just ask to be a developer using their API's. I specifically told them that I would be interested in incorporating their API's into EZ-AI for the EZ-Robot platform. We will see what they have to say.


You hear anything back? The project definitely looks interesting.


Nothing yet. I would be interested to see if their API would allow me to use it. They might be afraid that their intellectual property would be taken. I would be happy to pay them for the AI and implement it along side mine.


You do have a nice software package! I look forward to your new project! I seen some of the parts you ordered. Do you have a project to do list or goals? Any pictures what your hoping it will look like?


Not really. I work with project managers every day and have to make extensive plans about everything my department does. I am in IT. When I was growing up in IT it was a different world. I cranked through code, making improvements to the code as needed, adding cool new ideas as needed, and getting a lot done very quickly. I love being able to program like that again.

Everyday I make a list and crank out what I can. Some days there are things that are left on the list and some days there are not. The list is destroyed and restarted the next day with what I think needs to be done that day. It's a liberating way to program. If it is important and wasn't gotten to the previous day, your gonna remember to add it to the list the next day. Some days I get distracted and go off on a tangent because an idea pops in my head. I love those days because they are the most creative. It's a very freeing way to program when my job is tied up by managing people whose hands are tied by so many "quality improvement requirements" designed by so many people who have never written a line of code in their lives.

Short answer, no real plans, I just see people say It would be cool if and if I like it, I try to make it happen.

Spock will look like an InMoov on a Segway kindof.