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Anyone Experience This On V4

Sorry to be so late to respond. I just got out of the Hospital.

Anyone experience this on EZB V4: I apply power. It starts off with Blue Light It goes to Blinking blue light and stays.

I hook up the EZB 4 to the first wireless network fine. when I try to hook in ARC, I can not. There is NO Sound from the EZB.

It says:

Connection Failed: System.Exception: Controller Not Responding at EZ_B.EZB.FLuFaAhl0I() at EZ_B.EZB.Connect(String hostname, Int32 baudRate) Disconnected

If this is too much trouble, I understand.


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You have ARC connecting to the wrong IP address.



OK, I originally was on for the router. When I got it back from you it was set to 192168.1.2 ? Is that right?

do you remember the I P address?


The IP address is provided by the router when you are in AP mode. You need to either use the search function in ARC or in your router menu when the EZ-B is connected.



Thanks, Alan! :-)

If it is MY Router, the address is What to search for, I don't know.



In ARC, in the connect object, hit the little button that looks like a radio antennae. Make sure that the range to search for is to then click the "start scan" button.

See this tutorial for demonstration video.



Here are the facts:

No red light on power up.:

Has large blue light for a little while, go immediately to small blue light, No red light, Then it blinks blue light. And NO Sound from the very beginning.

On the wireless side EZ-B v4 BUGGY is the name and it connects up just fine. When I go to hook up to ARC, it times out. When it searches in the box for the ezb,it doesn't find anything.

I looked at my router and EZB was setting at . I have read all of the tutorials and such.

I am afraid it may be Toast again. If I could just get through with the wiring, then I could just program it. I am not likely to burn up or short wires just working at the keyboard.

It may be time for me to give up my engineering phase and let it go. I am prepared to do this. And I am Happy for the many long hours speed joyously at the soldering iron.

Thanks for all of the help received and the patience with me throughout my journey. I have enjoyed working with the ezbs and this wonderful community.


If you see EZ-B v4 Buggy in your wireless list, then you have reset the EZ-B back to AP mode. Connect to that wireless and try to open the web page at

Reset the EZ-B to connect to your router and see if it comes up.

Since it is not making any sound at all, I am not encouraged, but give it a try.



I did this about 20 times. I changed it to AP mode. It said I had to recycle the power. At first I got a RED light and got optimistic. But, it would not connect . and , I ended up with a flashing blue light like before,