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United Kingdom
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Aimec Robot On Russian Tv

The AIMEC:3 Robot on Russian TV, the NTV network reaches 100 million viewers across Russia and the former Soviet Union



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United Kingdom
Nice, well done. Shame I couldn't understand much of it...
I'm from Russia (Russian Federation correctly) and I can tell you honestly - I'm crazy about robots))) I do not even have a website for robots where we pull children in robotics, because it is fun and very developed. But, that is a very big problem, we are used to of course, but it is a problem - the details we do not develop, and all the plants in electronics abroad. There are certainly local factories, but for their goods, they sometimes give the price that we have to eat instant noodles to stay in a favorite hobby))
Waw that's a very cool video. I looked at some more and I'm impressed !
Too bad I only understand 5 words in russian.
I hope to see more of you.
??????, ??? ???????? ? ??????. ?? ? ?????????? ???? ??????? )
charset site does not support Russian language :D:D
@Toymaker - I don't exactly understand...