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After Market Battery Packs


I'm a little confused on which battery pack to get for a EZ-B

I see that the stock battery pack is 8.5 volts so im assuming that I should look for a pack around that voltage, I also am going to be powering ALOT of servos and motors for a future project and i would like a fairly decent run time so i think i am looking for a pack with high Milliamps Hours. (correct me if im wrong)

Here are some packs i was looking at:



The last one has a lower mAh but a voltage closer to what the stock pack would put out. Besides i could always wire 2 in parallel to get a higher mAh. (correct me if im wrong)

Also how would i connect the battery to my EZ-B?


P.S. This is my first post, constructive criticism is welcome


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I wound-up buying from a local hobby shop a Digital Energy 7.2V/2800mAh Ni-MH Combo Pack for RC, reason being it came with a charger. I also bought a Tamiya Plug Set M/F 150mm.

I wire stripped the open ends of both plug sets and attatched the alternate Power Adapter which was bought from the EZ-Robot site. So now I have a connection attatchment to connect the battery to the EZ-B Controller and also I can connect it to the wall adapter, which is working fine so far... cost total 40 dollars but you probably could fine something cheaperthrough the web.......

I added some images on what I did

Hope it helps...

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image
thanks for replying!

This looks great, this is exactly what i needed to see but do you think that the 8.4v battery would be better than a 7.4v?

I think in the manual, the EZ-Controller recommends 7.2v, max is 14v, , and min is 5v, so 8.4v "might" be ok. I would just be carefull cause you dont really know if 8.4v may make it hot and burn out something
Hello, All!
I do not have experience in the use of lithium's rechargable batteries.
I intend to use series-parallel battery of 8 x 18650.
( 4 sequential pairs, connected in parallel).
with the condition of the equal charge of all batteries, is possible whether this connection?
you will share with your experiences, please.
GotRobbed: that is good advice, I bought the same battery and charger after I read your earlier post. I bought the plug set also but need another power adapter for the wall charger, used your method for the battery and works well. Thanks for the idea!