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Advanced Mode

Hey there folks! I had to get a new computer and am running win 8.1 w/ touchscreen now. My old computer died:( Any who, I went from 17 to 15 inches and while the ladies aren't complaining, my projects don't fit like they used to and I was looking for the Advanced Mode. The mode with the boarder-less controls. And I can't find it for the life of me. I tried searching for info about it on the site and came up with nothing. Was this taken out or am I just missing it?

Thanks in advanced.


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Options tab, Preferences icon, Full Screen checkbox.



Hey Alan, I added a pic to help explain. I tried full screen and it made the border with the red rectangle disappear but, I though there was a way to make the borders under the blue circles disappear as well. I've been out of touch with things the past couple of months so maybe I'm mistaken but, I could swear there was an "Advanced Mode" that removed the borders around the controls themselves.

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Not that i remember seeing. Sorry.



Not a problem. Thanks any way. Maybe it was phased out. I seem to recall it not being very well received (even by me) but, it'd be nice to have the extra space. Maybe someone else remembers this and can at least let me know I'm not crazy?


I could see a use for it, although it would make edits and configuration difficult. I also suffer from screen real estate issues in some of my projects.


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The feature you are describing was removed some time ago. Extra space is given in the additional two desktops (F10, F11 & F12 to switch between them)


Ok, thanks Rich, as long as I'm not crazy. I'll just have to do some reorganizing. Thanks again to Alan for your input as well. You've always been a super helpful guy. Greatest communtiy ever!