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Adding Bluetooth Step 4.....Help!

Hi all,

I am at step 4 adding bluetooth. i am still wailling for bluetooth dongle from hong kong. in the mean time my daughter had a bluetooth dongle she use to use with a key board and mouse that she has given to me. It seem to have installed ok and the computer said it is working OK.

After watching DJ video several times I went to devices and printers and selected "wireless radio for bluetooth 2.0" then selected add device. The next window open seraching for device and that is where I am at. It does not ever find the EZ-board with its flashing leds. What is the next step other then waiting for my Hong Kong dongle.

I have tried this on both a laptop running window 7, 32bit and my dest computer running windows 7, 64 bits. That is about all the information I know to give, any questions, and holefully solutions John

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If installed I use the icon on bottom right corner. The icon for the bluetooth will show up once the dongle is plugged in. Click on icon and it should give you options like add device or browse devices. If you add the device once it should automaticlly be saveed so each time it recognizes it. If not it should be under add device and enter the pairing code 1234. My dongle is usually placed as COM3 or Com6 depending on the devices I have plugged into my comp before. I'm running Windows 7 with 64bit and haven't had any problems connecting, using a Belkin Bluetooth USB unit.


I am still having issues with connect to the ez-board via bluetooth. let me review, when I plug in my bluetooth dongle I do not see a bluetooth icon in my task bar. I can find a bluetooth icon under device manager. I right click on it and my options are

1.update drive software 2.disable 3.uninstall

I do not see add device.

I have clicked on properties but do not find "add devices"

What am I doing wrong???



The dongle I have has a CD for installing the bluetooth firmware. It is used for any bluetooth capable device. If your using the one from your daughter it maybe set up just for use with the mouse and keyboard.


Had similiar problem (no option to add Bluetooth device) dongle worked ok until I add a PS3 Wireless controller,when I attempted to re connect EZB , bluetooth icon not available on task bar.

Remedy remove all USB device from pc ,go to Device Manager in Control Panel,Uninstall all drivers for Bluetooth items. Re connect dongle it should re load automatically or ask for drivers.

In my case I also had to uninstall all USB Serial Bus Controllers in device manager and re start Pc , bluetooth icon finall appeared.( not recommended if you have external keyboard or mouse connected as you will have to force shutdown

:P Pat

OK, I am pass step four, and just did voice voice recognition "robot look left" and Robot look right"

Here how I got to this point, some things I did are menitin in the above posts but I had not read them until now, should have check back sooner.

I got a new bluetooth dongle in the mail thursday at first it was the same old story not able to add to bluetooth device and no icon except in device manager.

Step 1. in device manager I uninstalled the bluetooth device
2. Plugged in the new BTD (bluetooth dongle) and watched it install the drivers and I got a icon in the lower right side of the screen.

  1. I was able to add the ez-board and put in the code 1234, my com ports are 7and 8.

  2. ARC said there was newer verison so I tried to installed it, no luck, however I remember that someone said that they had to uninstall the software and then installed the new software. I did that and it worked. moving on.

  3. oops! your firmware is outdated, OK so watch and read the tutorials on how to load firmware. Did not work! I let it rest for awhile came back rebooted the computer and tried it again, this time it work and the new firmware loaded. By this time I was questiong the"EZ" in ez-robot, but it all ended well.

My bluetooth device is a "CSR" I think that stands for Cambridge Silicon Radio Ltd. i got it from, in three days.

I put this all here in hope someone might find it usfull. I know several posts have help me to keep trying.



@kg9dk glad to see it worked out. because we don't manufacturer usb bluetooth dongles, it's impossible to diagnose which work, and which don't - and specifically why. With the thousands of successful users, there is going to be the odd one who experiences issues with a third party bluetooth dongle.:)

I chose the SPP protocol for bluetooth, which is fairly generic across all devices... Well, should be! But since my product is dependent on your computer, it leaves a whole whack of things I don't have control of that could go wrong.

I enforce strict quality control, because i'm kind of a jerk that way *cool* . So any issues you do experience, they're most likely not EZ-Robot related. I love saying that!


Glad to hear you got it working... Have fun with your EZ-B.