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Adapting The Head On The Omnibot

I'm doing the omnibot hack and am at the point of attaching the head servo. The original placement has the head at a 12 degree angle. Has anyone else done this hack and if so how did you mount the head? From what I can see in DJ's vids and pics, the head is set level..........?????? It also appears that he has used more then one servo mounting method. Any feedback on this would be appreciated.


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Im working on my omnibot head today also... about to put the servos in as well.
I think one of the great things about hacking into stuff and changing them is that you can be creative and do it any way you see fit or you find yourself able to do.

My advice would be sit down with a beer (if your old enough);) and think threw all the different ways to do it.
It makes your hack more "Yours"

hers how im doing it

User-inserted image

Thanks for the reply Ron. Its a pretty safe bet that I can partake of an adult beverage. I'm soon to be 64 y.o. I understand your comment. I'm a retired engineer type; so yea I'll end up doing it "my way", if you will. Just thought I'd do a little comparison with what others are doing. I"m a firm beliver in "not re-inventing the wheel". What is it you are working on in your pic......................doesn't look like an omnibot? I'm waiting for my components to arrive before I can proceed. Damn snail mail! Building robots keeps me out of trouble. Then again, how much trouble can I get into at my age........LOL! Happy roboting.
Believe it or not that's my omnibot. I have a hard time doing anything the easy way. I don't think there is a single piece of unmolested plastic left on him... I like to sit in front of his pieces and do allot of drinking....umm I meant thinking :P
I got him looking up and down yesterday..

Good luck on your bot
OK Ron, I;ve been studying your pic of the omnibot. I give up..........................What is it I'm seeing???????? What do you have going on there????????
There are some better pictures and a video
in this thread

I have his head there in my hand.... Its way cut down and trimmed up so it can pivot up and down inside the dome freely. It mounts on a plasma ball i buried in omnis body. The neck swivel piece is made from aluminum because it attracts the sparks of the plasma ball really neatly.

I have found this plastic kinda nice to work with...stiff enough to put in the milling machine and cut. Only thing is it does not sand well but a razor blade standing on edge can clean it up smooth in no time.... just like you would scrape wood?

hope that helps explain it.... I will be adding some more on the other link soon i hope but work has me way to busy to get much done soon