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Resolved Resolved by Antron007!

Ad Male Or Female To Design

how do i ad a male or female connector to my design.
and second ,how can i see or ad size to it.
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To add that plate to the block you have, try using left or right in the views. That will give you a side view so you can position the plate onto the block.

As for changing them any, you would have to edit the .stl files in a 3d modeling program.
hi antron

ok then .are there any free downloads,3d programs?
The Only free one that i'm aware of that will import and allow you to edit stl files is called Blender. not sure of the website but I think it's www.blender.org. there is also google sketchup and 123d design. Blender is very robust and can be complicated.

I highly recomending some you tube vids on Blender tutorials. Also if you have no experience with 3d modeling, you may want to get 123d design or sketchup to get familiar with the basic tools. They are more user friendly and help you figure out Blender.

In the end you're going to need blender to modify the existing stl files. you can try remaking them from scratch with 123 or sketchup and then export them to stl. I use 123d when I can.

123 has stl export native to it. sketchup requires a plug-in to export stl files. I personally had issues importing the sketchup stls into the EZ Bit designer and switched to 123 because of that.

I only use blender to edit existing stl files. If i'm strarting from scratch I'll make up most of what I'm doing in 123d design and then import the stl into blender if I have to.

I hope this info helps you out.
then i start looking at youtube,

thank you