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Accidental Short To Ezb4 At Sonar Ports

I was adding a second new ultrasonic sensor and forgot to turn off main battery switch, a power wire accidentally touched a wire I was adding to the EZB4 front D21 D22 area for sonar connections and there was a spark but the main EZB fuse did not blow and it still powers up but no more audio on the start up voice and the Wi/Fi is still connecting to my network but saying it cant connect to EZB in the EZ software. I can get to the main server window for changing the client/ adhoc mode ,diagnostics,resetting EZB all works but still can't get the connection in the EZ windows program to connect,it gives a quick message at bottom something about "can't connect 000000000000000". So would this be a major fault in a CPU chip? confused


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I believe the bottom part (STM32F205) is dead symptoms are: no sound and serial communication error between the top part i.e. WIFI chip and the bottom part.

You can contact the EZR support and ask for the a new bottom part or buy a new EZB.


yes that sounds like it would be the exact problem I am getting,thanks ptp! I will contact support as well, I love the full size EZB4 I have , so if it can still be repaired with a replacement chip,that would rock! I do have an EZB3 i can still use in the down time.


I don't think they will offer a replacement chip. You may be able to buy the entire bottom board if it's available.


Yep just chatted with them,will be doing that,thanks Dave!


Outstanding! ;) I've blown up a few EZB's over the years so I feel your pain. Support has always be great.