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Resolved Resolved by coryBlair!

Access To Ez Bits To3d Print

Hi, I would like to know how to access the files of another user to print their 3d ez bits

Basically I want to get Nieks Rollie to JD adaptor.

I can access the printable (jd sures) ez bits in ez builder but not sure how to get other users bits



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I'm not sure if that part was ever published. I can have Cory publish the STL file here for you... One sec - he's still at the office with me
Sync your EZ-Bit Library. Nieks adaptor will be on there now.
Wow, cool to see my adapter in the library!

Not too long ago, I actually published the second version, which has a female EZ-Bit slot in the front ;)
@Niek, Any Idea when that new one will be added? Also I have the version of the old/current one you shared on the forums not to long ago so my library now has 2 of them. In the details, on says its 3 shells and another says 2 shells. Which one is yours and which one is the "official" ARC version?

@EZ-Robot staff, any plans on putting the long extension block in the library? I ordered one to come with my Roli, I'd like to have the part in the library to experiment with in the design page.:)
HI Neik, I printed your adapter today, took 4 hours at 50 microns, looks good. Thanks mate..
User-inserted image

You should be able to get the second version by clicking on 'User Details' beneath my profile picture. It's under the EZ-Bits tab;)
Tried that but there is only an image not an STL file
Maybe the folks at EZ-Robot can update the library to include the v2 STL;)