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Absolute Beginners

Hi Everyone

I think it will be a great project for me and my 7 year old but would also like us to learn more about robotics, EZrobot programming and other things involved at the same time.

What resources would you recommend for us to learn ? i'm compleatly new to all things robotics so will be learning just as much as my kid however im pretty good with mechanics, can weld and solder.

My son is a real geek (im proud to say) and is already patient and determined enough to spend the whole day dismantling and rebuilding his electronic kinex sets, i think its time to move on ;)

Thanks in advance


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Hi - I recommend the JD ezrobot, because it’s the most popular. However, some people like to get their hands dirty and make a robot from scratch with developer kit. Here’s some more information to make your decision.

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