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About Using Pot For Feedback Or Speed

Here is some info about using pots as encoder for motor speed its mostly for DAVE but info is for everyone

IF you are looking to use a pot for speed of a motor as encoder its kinda hard

Multiturn pots are high precision ,but not for feedback ,i dont know if anyone open up a pot but it has a stop inside and wafer and metal fingers,stop is one problem uyou want to pot to be continous for speed,thats why when you buy a special servo for that the gear on the pot is removed

Second they only go from 0 to 5k or depending on the value ,so it wont tell you the speed

Using magetic encoders is better,they can tell the speed, they are made with a magnetic as a disc and use a hall effect sensor with a analog output

On multiturn pots for feedback instead of regular pots they are much better if you have a servo motor that can do 359 deg turning

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no its not ,it mostly about using a pot for feedback and speed and the problems it has

and solutions to make it work


I think Hooligan is being funny. I think he's referring to Mary Jane. It was worth a good smile.:) :)

Thanks for the info again Robotmaker. Didn't we chat about this a couple weeks ago?


yes we did DAVE just added more info about how pots are made and for others to know about it

I didnt know if you new about how multipots work or how they are made too

I tried to add smiles and other avatars in my posts and it doest work:) :)


i guess this time is shows one only ,when i tried 2


I found out about the stops some time ago when I had one attached to a motor shaft. when it rotated past the stop the energized pot actually started on fire. eek


I guess i should of posted this info back then.

Me i love to take apart things to see how they are made and work ,gives a better undertanding of how to use them,been over 3 years since i open one, and its part of my job at at work

Same with sensors ,only only test them and find ways to test them ,i test alot more sensor now since with robotics and can use the equipment at work on lunch time only

I know about every sensor made and have all at home,some sensors used at work i cant say what they are oir how they work,they why i am called SENSOR MAN at work (dont really like that name)