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About Connecting To 2 Ezb With Bluetooth

working on makes a wireless robot controller using bluetooth using 2 EZB one on the robot and one on my controller,on my controller do i need to add small computer with EZ software installed or just the board


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well technically the software can handle up to 5 ez-bs at once so you could just use one comp.
but can you use wireless on each one,and does the computer need to be always on
You can connect to up to 5 at a time using bluetooth dongles, I'm sure you can use one dongle but may eventually be overcomed by the amount of data transfer. Computer always has to be on for the EZ-B to run unless you save to flash, which is out of the question for the ez-b.
thats what i thought,computer needs to be on,nice if DJ has it flashed like arduino boards
so there is 2 ideas,use a very small computer like the low current PICO board with windows installed
or use arduino with BLUETOOTH

EZB LACKS flash update so the software on computer doesnt need to be on all the time
cant go very far with a robot because it needs a pc connection on all the time or run a few robots at a time
Actually it's nicer this way cause you are less limited by what the robot you are building can do. You can have several setups for 1 robot and change them instantly from the computer. If you want you can install one of the small computer boards like some are doing here. If you want to flash a program to a board then buy an Arduino . They are cheap and good at that. :) J.W.
pico computer board is super small ,good side its 1ghz 1 meg ram,very low current and have more inputs and EZ SOFTWARE its a PX10000G,my favorate of all computer boards,looking at a newer one at a$500,built in WIFI 2GHZ 2 GIG RAM
downside on PICO BOARD is costs near $200 maybe cheaper ebay,i get them used on ebay $130 with hard drive have 4 now,
other downside is wont fit inside small robots like WALL-E,it might work if lunch backpack is made like in movie
idea looking at making
using arduino is good,cost near $50 plus need a bluetooth transmitter,plus code to interface to EZB and still need computer on or arduino on both robot and controller,not great no EZB
so looking at what i put in most of my robots is a small pico board or ITX board ,with or without monitor
some have a netbook ,some have laptop others just small pc boards,depending on the speed needed
most using AI SOFTWARE one main reason for a computer on robot