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ARC Or EZ-Builder With Arbotix Board?

Would your hack for the Robotis OpenCM9 and Bioloid Premium work with an ArbotiX board? (Trossen Robotics). It is an Arduino based board that works with Dynamixels. I ask because the OpenCM9-C does not support AX12s and I cannot find the OpenCM9 - B for sale. I think that it had both the small XL and AX connectors. I want to learn EZ Builder using what I have, which includes the Bioloid Premium, the MINI, the Pincher and the Reactor Arms from Trossen and a Parallax ActivityBot.


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Hey DJ!  Yes this is the board. That would be great.  I appreciate your time on it.
Hi again.  I am trying out the added functionality to the plug in for the OpenCM  expansion board.  Did you ever take a look at the Trossen Arbotix controller to try and port the open cm or Arduino code?  VK
Thanks for the reply.   Not having the board could be an issue.  :-)   I saw the Open CM Expansion Board changes.   If I have an extra Arbotix board around, is there a way for me to send it to you?  Or do you have to get things directly from a manufacturer or reseller?  

Thanks for your work on Dynamixel.
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We usually work with the manufacturer directly because they pay for the implementation to be supported. However - if you're going to make some awesome robot with it... I could whip something up on a live hack if you wish to donate one to us:)
Well, I am not sure if my robots are awesome, but I do enjoy them.  LOL!  I can send you the Arbotix.  Where would I ship it?  I may send one from Trossen or send one of mine, based on cost of shipping, etc.  I did just order the EZB4 with camera and the RGB LED Brick to add more capability and personality to one of my robot arms.  The Open CM is working great with it - but using a camera, etc. that is not the PC would be nice.  I might put the hacked Open CM into my Darwin MINI or another Bioloid premium robot.  

Having the Arbotix board work would mean I could use some of my other sensors and camera as well...just let me know where to ship.    :-)
The camera sure is a nice feature to not require a pc. Albeit, my robots lately are all using up boards or lattepanda for that reason:)

you can ship it to the address from here: https://synthiam.com/About/Contact