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ARC Windows And Ezb V3

Hello, I have a EZ-B v3 but I'm not able to connect with the new software and can't find help on the forum; may I have a suggestion or an old version of the ARC download link? Thanks a lot!


Upgrade to ARC Pro

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The new software is backwards compatible. If you've hooked it up right you can open ARC and choose "add control", then the v3 setup control( not sure exactly what it's called.).

The v3 is blue tooth so you must connect it to your pc. Then do the step above. Now go to the connection control and choose a comm port from the drop down. There's usually 2 so if one doesn't work the second one will.


did you upgrade the ezbv3 firmware?

i tried my ezbv3 works fine with latest ARC - version 2014.09.22.00.




Thank you for your really fast replies!

I've upgraded the firmware and now I'm able to connect, going to do more work with some controls; Technopro and jdebay you are GREAT !