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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

ARC Software Unable To Open EZ-Builder Project File

I am now wanting to use the new ARC software that replaces ARC with which all my projects were created.
One of them that took months to perfect, will not open. ARC returns the message "Unable to read project file, as it appears to be damaged or an inappropriate file version. Would you like to delete it?" I tried merging it with a new project (in EZ-Builder) and ARC would still not open it.
I tried removing two controls (PandoraBot and Personality Generator) - made no difference. 
I do not want to start from scratch with this project. Any ideas to resolve the problem? Atached is the project file.EZMecc.EZB

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I have narrowed it down to the Camera Object. I merged everything into a new project except this and ARC could open it.
I think ARC doesn't like the trained images associated with the camera. What can be done? Clear them all and start again?
I got it.. I'll post an update in an hour and get you up and running!:)
This release has fixed the problem. ARC opens my project with camera objects in tact. Thanks.