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ARC Script For Pulling Up A Website To View Via Speech Recognition

I'm trying to get Bob to pull up different website I can view via voice command. For example I wanted to view the Weather Radar off Bobs screen. I know how rss works but this time I just want the web site to view (not to be read out). I've looked in examples and the cloud but can't see anything on it -

Thanks if anyone can help.;)


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New Zealand
For a local webpage in a folder add a line like this to your script

For a website add a line like this to your script

Give your script a name and then call the script from the Speech Recognition Control
Phrase = Computer Open the Google Website
Command = ControlCommand(Script Manager, ScriptStart, "Scriptname")

Hope this helps.

- Wayne
Thanks..Tameion, I'll give it a try:)

Update - Works brilliantly ' again Thanks, Ill try and get my example from what you told me on the cloud to help others..cheers:) :) :)
Hazbot, I would suggest looking in files->examples for a variety of examples. Such as speech recognition. Additionally, there is a help file beside the script editor with every command available. Each command has an example associated with it. You can print out the script manual, or view it when editing scripts. There is also a search feature.

Thanks, I did try both but for some reason I just couldn't tie them together. The speech recognition links to the script manager which links to the script control. All very simple if you use this stuff all the time. I went "derrr -" as soon as I saw Browser(http://www.google.com). For dummys like me an example in the cloud is great because it shows how it all goes together and makes it EZ. There's one for you - Clouds for EZ-Robot Dummys... lol :) :) :)
Great! In every control that accepts a script, there is a script help tab. The tab will open the help manual for ez-script. Any command within the manual is available for the script:)

For example, you can enter the script command "left()" as a speech command for the phrase "robot turn left". The EZ-Script command "left()" can be entered anywhere as ez-script:)

Also, you can launch other EZ-Script controls, or other controls by using the EZ-Script "controlCommand" syntax:)