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ARC On Zeki Andriod Device

I am thinking about buying a JD Revolution. In anticipation of that I was trying to load ARC on my tablet.
I have a Zeki TBD753B, running Android version 4.1.1(Jelly bean).
When I try to install ARC from Google Play, it says device is not supported.
Any idea if I would be able to install it on this device ?

Is there a minimum Android OS requirement ?



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The only portion of ARC that is available for your android device or iOS device is the EZB Mobile and (app), not ARC Windows(program).
Kevbots, is the error coming directly from Google Play's store page? Or from the Google Play App? You have the minimum requirements, so it should work. Although, I have never heard of a Zeki Android Device. Some of the Chinese android devices have only partial Android - and some also lie about their version information.
User-inserted image

I don't see it in the Google play app on my device, but I do on the Google play web version. I can load other apps from the web version, so I know that works. See screenshot.
User-inserted image

Here's a screenshot of my device details.
I wish Android was a little more intuitive - or at least with some sort of standard. If Google Play says it isn't compatible, then sadly it won't be compatible. I would believe something with your device is preventing google from finding compatibility. It would be useful if it told what the reason was...
Yah, doesn't tell us much for debugging. Thanks for trying.
It's too bad that i'm not able to try much. If there was something I could do on my end, I would gladly help. I just updated a newer version on the google play store - not sure if that will help? May take 24 hours to show up on the google play store.
Cool, I'll give it a try in a day or so.
Thanks Much
Just noticed one more thing. When I click on the "no compatible device message" it shows:
No Carrier D.P.I,INC TBD753.
No biggie, I just happened to have this tablet hanging around. There are newer ones out there for under $50. When the time is right, I will get the right tablet to run JD Revolution. I will know what I need by that time.
Sweet! It'll work out for you then:) Thanks for letting me know