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ARC On Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Hi there I downloaded the easy builder on my Microsoft Surface 3 pro and it will not get past the accept the terms and conditions little screen. how do I get past that? After reading all the screens gets to the end and I click the Accept terms and conditions and as soon as I close the little box the whole program closes please help me as I don't have any other options to program this


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What version of Windows are you using on the Surface Pro? It has to be full Windows 8.1 as any tablet PC running Windows RT won't work with ARC for PC.

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Okay, thanks for letting us know. Not sure why that's happening then. You could try a re-install and double check that you have entered any information correctly. I know Windows 10'is working fine with ARC, but I don't know any using Win10 on a Pro 3 yet.

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When you say you "closed the little box, or you clicking on the "OK" button after you except the terms and conditions? There was a slight issue someone had a while back you can read about here where the "OK" button didn't show up.

Also there is a Screen resolution tutorial that might help if you have the above issue.


You are right the issue is that the OK button won't show.

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I thought as much. Try changing the screen resolution as mentioned in the link and tutorial I posted, and it should solve the issue.