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ARC On Hi Res Monitors? 2560 X 1440?

I am in the market to buy a new main PC... I am now doing a lot of 3d design and my current PC isn't up for the task due to it's integrated crap video card. I am also interested in getting a higher res monitor as well (2560 x 1440) ... So can anyone who uses a higher res monitor (greater than 1920 x 1080) confirm that ARC renders properly on a high res screen?

Thanks Richard


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I don't have 2560x1440 available on my Lenovo Yoga2 Pro, but I can use up to 3200x1800 with EX-Builder on Windows 10.

I have attached a couple of pics showing recommended 1920x1080 and my max

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

Please note that the Developer's KIt instructions recommend 100% scaling but you may find it more pleasing to try 150% or more



Thanks Frank... ahh, yes should have known there is a tutorial to cover everything.... :)