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A Gift For My Son

So proud of my son Ben (he's 9). Last night he presented his Hummingbird project at his schools Exhibition of Learning night. He built this project at his schools Makerspace all by himself. It's a Minecraft scene which includes LED's, distance sensor, and servos. All programmed in Scratch. It was very popular and had lots of interest from all.

I've decided it's time for him to enter the world of EZ-Robot for himself. I'm giving him this gift today.

(1) EZ-Robot V4/2 with Camera (1) RGB 18 LED RGB Block (1) loTiny (1) Roomba Rover (Description below)

Ben actually has been around many of my EZ-Robot projects (Life size R2, R2 Hasbro, Omnibot's, Robosapien and Wall-E's). He was also at the Calgary Comic Expo when DJ was a vendor there (Ben was 3-4 years old then), I have a pic of him on-screen from the camera of one of the robots there. He now rocks his EZ-Robot t-shirt from that show.

Now with ARC supporting block programming it should be a breeze for him to get started.

The Roomba Rover is a cheap "arduino" frame with scavenged Roomba motors/wheels attached. It includes a speed controller, SR-04 sonic sensor, and LED RGB tube lights. It's a great project to learn how to program and drive. It currently has a loTiny on-board but I'll let him decide if he wants to swap in the other board with camera.

Had to share.



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