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9-Axis Imu Sensor Ez-B V4 To Balance A Humanoid Robot

Hello guys I am working on robot legs but do not have a clue about how to use an 9-axis IMU sensor. Can I use one with this EZ-B v4 and does the EZ software have some sort of functionality to work out how to balance a humanoid robot? For example once it is standing I can shove it and it balances using a 9-axis IMU sensor with my EZ-B v4?. I am super new at all of this. And am finding it hard to find a tutorial on the matter. Thank you for your time


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That's a big bite to swallow on your first robot project. I recommend visiting the robot program and engaging some activities to get started. Walk before you run:)

We have put a crazy amount of effort to ensure ezrobot is easy and have also invested a ton of resources in the robot program. The point to the robot program is to get people up and running. It's fun to!

Ps, please do not put your email in public posts. The internet is a wild and crazy place.:) the concept of a forum is to allow people to respond and engage with your inquiry. People on here will not send you an email. People may reply if the question is achievable. In this case, the question is beyond your current capabilities, but not for long:) the robot program will help with that!

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Thank you for the help. I will go with the robot program and advance. Thank you so much for replying. When I build to that stage I can take photos and ask then. You guys are awesome