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4Xx Roomba Intermittent Control

Hey everyone. I am working on a couple small bots for the rainy days of the summer. I am trying to create a couple of those minions from Despicable Me movie. Very basic I am using roombas for the base..

I just hooked up to my old grey one making sure (with ocd) that I had the pin out correct, to the EZ-b board. It communicates with it intermittently. I try and move forward or left, right etc it does sometimes and then I try something else and it won't follow the command. Well except for off it likes the off command.

Has anyone run into this?



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How far away is the Roomba w/EZ-B from the PC ?
Hey Doc. Its sitting right next to it on the bench. I am using the old protocol, and port 0.
That reminds me I have to order a cable from you sometime.
That old grey one is probably a Disco model so you've got the right setting. I wonder if there is a poor connection on one of the two leads of the plug ? Also, how are you powering the Roomba and EZ-B ? Both power sources need to share the same ground.