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3D Printing, Anyone Located Near Sanford Florida?


I'd really like to get to know someone who has a 3d printer, and lives in my area, Sanford Florida. I definitely would like to see one make something. Also, I have an idea I want to make and would like to work with someone about making key parts of it. I plan to get a 3d printer in time, so I'd like to see a real expert use one. I've done research, so I know how they work, but youtube video is not enough.

One more thing, I get the idea from the stills, to make Wall-E, I need the WALL-E U-Command toy, and the remote or the guts are not needed, correct? Wall-E will be my first build. Ebay is selling Wall-E U connect but its not functional, its selling as-is for parts. I just wanted to make sure that if I get it, I won't need any part of it other that the toy body, tracks(wheels), and obviously, the head.



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Thanks Anthony, but I'm looking for someone local.

United Kingdom

I think you're looking for somewhere that you can be part of the experience and see with your own eyes right ? You do realise once you interact with a printer you will be hooked ? lol

I would suggest going along to or even joining a local hacker space. I'm sure there will be one near you. They generally have access to a 3D printer and often a lot more. Most importantly though, they have an abundance of knowledge and will help someone new starting out in 3D printing.

I'm in the uk but I just googled and this place looks quite close to you and is awesome by the looks of it



You could check your local Library. Some of them in Alberta have 3D Printers for the public to use.


[quote anthony] Staples is starting a 3d printing service as well a public use, just like there regular printer just higher cost and wait time. [/quote]

Man! I had that idea just about a year ago. Looks like they did too. I wanted so bad to start the kinko's of 3d printing. Anyone I talked to said it wouldn't fly. But what does Staple's know? They're only a mega retail chain.:(


Well I am a merchandiser and I can tell you that Staples is trying anything and everything to survive, they happen to be a company that is on the list they may not survive. So many companies that used to be strong and were something are sinking quickly, no customer service and very bad management, I remember when customer service use to be very important.

@Antron007 You still might want to look into the idea :-} But then what do I know?


Thanks everybody, allot of good ideas. I'll try Dorothy Lumley Melrose Center in Orlando and I wish the page on this site. had people specify their local area. But thanks for the help. I guess I should have posted the Wall-E thing under the robot forum.

About Staples, Walmart and Office Depot, outside NYC, is killing Staples. But I'm sure Staples is like Michael's, Toys R Us, Walmart, and etc. If you nickle and dime your employees, how do you expect customers to return if the employees don't want to be there. Stop with the crappy pay, no benefits, rotating schedules, no full-time, area quota in sales, regional a**holes pressuring the stores, force the employees to clean the public bathrooms, and every other nasty little twisted idea to save money by screwing the employees while the corporate bastards keep getting richer.

Back on topic. I still prefer an individual or small group for the 3d printing. I'll check on local hacker groups. That sounds like my speed.