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3D Printing A Six

I am 3D printing a Six and have gotten to the part that I dread the most. The final pieces to print are the horn type pieces for the 12 servos. Does anyone have any recommendations for printing these parts?

My first concern is the strength of the connector pieces. I will be using ABS, and will be brushing some crazy glue on these pieces to provide additional strength. The horn part (that attaches to the gear) I haven't had much luck with in the past on 4 different printers. Is there a trick that anyone has used to get these teeth clean or some post process to make the teeth match up through heating the ABS or anything?

Please let me know. Every other piece is printed and ready to go.


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Great idea Tony. I figured you would come through for me. I would love for you to make an STL for me of this part. I have the metal gear you are talking about, but havent though about the water trick to cool it down.

I appreciate the help. Your a great member of this community.


Thank you Tony. I have unboxed Six, JD and 3 dev kits and tested everything in them tonight. That consumed my robot fun time tonight. I will print these tomorrow. Thanks a million.