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3D Position


This is difficult to ask. im in need of some kind of beacon to return a 3d position of the robot in relation to a fixed point. infrared not ideal unless it can move around objects/through walls etc

beyond this im not sure how else to explain. I once saw something to do with VR about it but can't remember where.


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Can you give me more detail of what it is you are trying to do...

1) Is the robot driving through a house, warehouse, office?

2) Is the beacon for charging, or to understand what room it is in?

3) What is the purpose of the robot? i.e. is it exploring or performing a task?

We have some new features coming out for localized positioning which you will find useful
United Kingdom
1) Moving around a large house, factory and warehouse

2) Both but I was thinking knowing about rooms could be a part of a map that has been predefined. It needs to know where its main Base point is as well as knowing precisely where it is. Simply knowing 'I'm in this room' is ok. But i'd rather it be 'i'm at x , y , z'

3) both exploring and performing basic tasks.

The main purpose is for security purposes.
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What are these new features? localized positioning sounds like what I need