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32X2 Sabertooth

Whats the biggest wheelchair motor i could use? Trying to build an rc motor with a sabertooth 32x2


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Any that draws less than 32 amps at stall (actually, rule of thumb is to oversize a bit, so maybe anything that draws under 27 Amps).

Most wheelchair motors draw 20 amps so most of us that use them us Sabertooth 2x25.



So in other words 2x25 sabertooth can draw 25 amps per motor correct


@Jaimito I doubt your motors will pull that many amps unless they stall... at any rate the sabertooth will shutdown to protect itself if the amp draw is exceeded...


Yes, 2x25 can handle 2 25 amp motors, although like I said, it is wise to allow a little overhead. But, like Richard said, the Sabertooth has good protection built in to prevent damage in an overload condition.



So i’m very interested in putting together an rc lawnmower,, i got the toro with key start, also purchased a spectrumDXE remote control and reciever,, just recieved my 2x32 sabertooth yesterday, my biggest problem to solve is: how do i go about starting my mower with the remote what other components would i need to purchase?


Jaimito, I used a 40A solid state relay for my RC lawn mower starter. You just need to a put a pwm switch from your receiver to the SS relay. You can get the SS relay for about $8 on eBay. You can also get the PWM switch on the bay for about $4.

For the motor controller I always use the 2x32 sabertooth being that is about the same price as the 2x25 with plenty of extra amperage.


Anything else other than 40 amp ss relay,, and what pwm switch the one with speed control or a different one? any thing else i might need to complete the startup? Which wire will be used on the key start from mower


Aside from the ssr, you will need a simple RC PWM switch to switch the ssr on/off, like the ones you use to control lights on an RC vehicle. You would run the positive wire of the starter through the ssr. The starter is already grounded to the lawnmowers chassis. Also keep the starter's factory in line fuse hooked up for protection.


What does the pwm switch look like? brief description because everything that pulls up online lloks like a speed control knob


I’ve ordered an ss relay and the pwm switch for my mower also found some 450w continous dc motors from a jazzy chair they show 4600 rpms do you think it will have decent speed if i ran 24v throuth it?


Check the data sheet of your EZ-B v4/2 Wi-Fi Robot Controller as well - because you will want to power the sabertooth separately and the ezb may not take 24 volts. You will have to power the ezb by only one battery 12 v with a common ground. Find the data sheet here for your ezrobot product:

Also, the learn section has a pile of information connecting the sabertooth to your EZ-B v4/2 Wi-Fi Robot Controller.

And as always, it’s a good idea to start off with the robot program episodes. Have fun!


You say a 40 amp ssr but what type one with dc+ dc- ch1 or just a regular 40 amp ssr? Where do I hook up my orange wire ch1 and will it be ok to run my + wire from starter even if motor is dc


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This is the one I purchased can I use this ssr for my radio remote

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This ssr is just a high amp isolated switch. It senses power either on or off on the DC voltage side and closes a switch on the already powered but open circuit of the AC voltage side.  Once the ssr's AC side switch is closed the AC circuit attached to this switch is completed and the device that is attached to this circuit powered and ready.

The DC side can either be getting it's controlled power from a micro controller or a RC receiver getting it's signal from a RC controller. The AC side needs it's own AC power source. I guess it could be a powered DC source also.

The big thing here is this unit you have here can handle up to 40 amps of load on the AC side. That's a lot. Also once the dc voltage is turned off the AC side switch will open. I don't think this is a latching relay where the AC side will stay open when power is lost.

Here's a good video on using and wiring this ssr:


So as of now I have  a turnigy on/off switch, a 40 amp dc to dc solid state relay, I’m thinking I need a step down 24v to 12v because my starter needs 12v to activate but my sabertooth runs on 24v......... I  understand I run my + wire from starter through the ssr, but where do I hook up the 2 wires from pwm switch?

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Will the Turnigy R/C Switch be big enough to handle your load? It's only rates for 13 volts and 10 amps. From what I read above you place the pwm switch between your receiver to the SS relay. Here's a couple videos: