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2 Lipo Akku In The Same Time

Hiho @all. My battery life is too short for me. Can I use 2 Lipo batteries in parallel? Is it possible to connect 2 Lipo batteries with a Y cable? With lipo batteries I prefer to ask. I have no idea and too much fear.

If this works, can I then load both Akuus with the Y cable? Thank you.

Or is there a guide for a larger Lipo battery in the Rolli?


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Yes.... but make sure you charge them separately.....


There is lots of space inside the Roli body. I have been thinking about getting a higher amp (same volt) battery for mine to get better battery life.

I am also going to remove one of the arms (and completely rebuild my project) because I find I am only using one 99% of the time, and that should save some power.



Hmm, right. I've also been looking for a larger battery. I have not yet dissected the Rolli to find the free dimensions. Do you have the free dimensions for a larger battery? The big batteries are all about 14cm big. Can I get that in?


I haven't measured yet, but I had it open to troubleshoot an H-bridge issue when it was new, and there was a fair amount of free space.



I have now dissected Rolli. You're right. There is plenty of space. But electronics is in the way. Well, all the cables are quite long. Remove the battery compartment. Then place the circuit board in the upper part. The cables of the motors must be extended. Then even a battery with 5400mAh space. It will be a lot of fun. The battery I yesterday ordered and I think I install the battery this week. I will document this so that it can be replicated.

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I changed the battery now.

User-inserted image

You must make free room with a tool.

User-inserted image

You must extended the Cable from the motor.

User-inserted image

This is the new face inside Rolli.

With the battery the Rolli is heavier and does not tilt so easily. Since the battery is very strong. Under full load the voltage oscillates only by 0.15 V. After an hour of use, the voltage dropped to 8V only.

The charging time of the battery is 9 hours via the balance cable. This is completely ok for me, as the useful life of the robot was extended extremely.

User-inserted image

I have extended the charging cable and rearranged. Rolli is now loaded from the top.

I hope this is helpful for other user. Have fun.


@Stiko Very good tutorial..... I am sure many people will find this very useful...:)



Rolli was now 6 houers running for testing new scripts and programming the EZ Software.

Its so greasy.

But i must look for the temperatur from the Servo.

I have create parkingscripts for some Servos.