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12V Or 24V Motor Controls

Hello Everyone.

Does anyone have the EZ robot controler operating 12v or 24v DC Motors ?

And if so can you give me some ideals for what type of motor controlers I can use that will interface with the device?

I will keep looking in the forums but any help would be greatly appreciated.




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For motors of any voltage, you will need an H-Bridge. You need to determine the amperage of the motors, and then we can assist with recommendations.

Sabertooth has a wide variety of high amp H-bridges with a wide range of input voltage. Parrelax (sp) also has a good 25 amp H-bridge that a few people use.

Google "robo claw". I will be purchasing one of these units this week. The 2x30 version(2). I have 24 vdc wheelchair motors but will be running them at 12vdc. I was very impressed with all of its specs.

Thanks for all the input:)

I am using them to drive wheelchair Motors. So the amperage will be fairly high.

I still need to get a picture of the label sent to me to see the exact amperage.

Looks like I need to do some more research but you guys have given me some great starting points.

Thanks again.

Also does anyone have any suggestions on Blue Tooth Remotes ?

Take care,

Most people I have spoken to with wheelchair motors use the Sabertooth 2x25. I will also be using wheelchair motors on my large robot, and that is the H-Bridge I chose.