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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

101 Level Questions On Why My Laptop Netcam Doesn't Work

I'm all stoked to try the Yolo stuff but I can not get my laptop camera to be be recognized. There is an option to set it and I do but pushing the button yields no results. Is there a simple setting I may be missing. It works for zoom and gaming and other stuff so I know it is not a camera problem.
Any bone head stuff I may be missing?

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The laptop doesn’t show up in the ARC camera device list?
it only shows integrated webcam that will not initialize when I click it
Did you try different resolutions of the integrated cam? Some built in lab tops will return a bunch of resolutions but only a few are supported. Try selecting each resolution and pressing start.
Thanks DJ. Tried all the resolutions and mine only worked at the highest resolution but it does work!
Hmmm - I have a fix in the next update that i think to help your camera work at lower resolutions. That'll help you from having to use so much cpu and memory with high res that isn't needed for processing the stuffs
Thank DJ. All of the resolutions work now.
Nice - thanks for checking. I was able to run it on a few laptops but was a bit cautious if it'd work. It's a whole new video capture driver with a bunch of changes, so wanted to make sure it works. When it worked on my microsoft surface pro, i knew it was good to go - because nothing works on that, not even windows O_o