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100 Questions A Day

This is quite limiting. Ugh. Left the room for a bit while the robot talked to the TV. Regardless, that only took like 5 minutes.

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I wonder if it has something to do with the new unitized API key. Never seen this before and I have used it for hours a day as opposed to minutes.


We’re evaluating free daily limits


I think one of our more talented members said he was going to make a plugin so we could use our own key. I expect that should solve the relativity low limit in comparison to what MS offers directly. However I'm not sure how using a plugin would affect compatibility over time with ARC as MS changes things. I read the constant changes MS does is why DJ made this change to use only EZ Robot's key. Personally I don't see my low usage being affected too often by this but I do see myself exceeding 100 at times. Mostly during testing or showing off at parties and events.


Hmmmm. I did not have 100 queries the other day. Not close. Does this mean that all EZR users combined get 100 queries/day


100 free queries of each service per user per day, as the message states. You had 100 queries. There will soon be a console to manage query history and subscribe for increased daily limit.

We’re expirementing with limit amounts for the free service while we determine the usage and how much it costs ezrobot to offer the free service.


When you talk about these limits and subscribing for increased daily limits are these EZR limits or Bing Speech limits? Who is imposing the 100 query limit?

If I understand this right you are working to simplify that plugin for users by using one EZR key that is internal to you. I liked that but if the tradeoff is that it cost EZR money and now we no longer have the ability to to use the limits that Bing already offers us for free I would consider it a downgrade.

Am I misunderstanding what is going on?


Ezrobot cognitive plugins and bing speech are limited per daily use per user. If you wish to use the Microsoft services with your own account, the code is published in another thread. However, I can’t seem to remember where


Thanks DJ. I am still not sure whether we are being throttled by EZR or Microsoft. Here is the free account they give you, 5000 queries a month. No restrictions on per day use.

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Since you are evaluating this please consider having a use per month method. Often I need over a hundred on a certain day then don't use it for week or two.


You can pay for your own key using the latest plugin:


Thanks a lot DJ perfect for me. Appreciate the change. Plus nothing to pay for, the keys are free.