Live Robot Hack Session

Wall Climbing Robot Live Hack! ....Will it suck?

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When purchasing Thomas the tank engine from the thrift store I was pleasantly surprised to find a remote control wall climbing car within the same bag. I'm going to try to hack it and see if I can make a wall climbing robot out of it! Will it suck or will it suck? Find out this Friday!

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Aha ha ha! Hopefully it will the wall that is!


This will be jeremie's suckiest robot yet!


I will call him Sucky McSuckerton!


Hey Jer, You know there was once this guy named Billy van something on an old kids show called Hillarious house of Frightenstein..He always promised the book he would read would scare the pants off everyone,but the story never did,reminded me of tonights hack. Actually no, it was very cool when you drove the car on the floor with the power glove, that was quite cool.