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Treat-O-Matic 2020 Live Hack Part #6 The Finale Redo

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Treat-o-matic Live Hack (Part 6) The Finale Redo!

Well, the idea of this robot was to have trick-or-treaters interact with the Treat-o-matic to have it dispense candy automatically for them, but the date came and went. Now, this robot still needs to be completed and with a new purpose. Join me as I keep hack this candy claw machine to see what we can do with it! Lend me your minds!

Here's the plan this week:

- Show off how far the hack has come along
- Hack in a Camera - maybe?
- Find a new purpose for the candy claw
- Test which candy works best to use with the claw
- Test all the hardware and make the next steps on the program
- Finish and test it!

I also have the alternate goal of embedding a computer running ARC within all my new robots, Computer-based robots are the future!

Join the live chat and add your comments, ideas, and suggestions!

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Ha ha nice, we may need this so Santa can drop Gifts down the chimney from the roof to avoid the Covid cooties!xD

the fianleĀ  ?
Thanks, Nomad, fixed it!
I forgot to mention that in this live hack I did a bit of testing of the Rock Pi X, if anyone is interested!