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Rock em' Sock em' Robots Live Hack......Here We Go Again!

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Rock em' Sock em' Robots Live Hack (Part 11)

*Happening Oct. 18 as I'm taking some time off for Canadian Thanksgiving Oct. 11-14*

I've always loved the look of the Rock'em Sock'em Robots game but absolutely hated the feel of it. My goal will to robotize the game. I'll be adding in Micro HDD servos for the punching arms and 2 mini gantry systems for the X-Y movement. I'd like the game to feel like a real life super punch out! I hope to add the capability to play with two players (USB joysticks), or against an A.I. opponent. I'd also like to incorporate the power glove in some way. While I'm not a fan of robot violence I do have a special place in my heart for friendly, non-destructive, competition.

So much for finishing touches! Last week I applied too much current to the stepper motors and wrecked them. They no longer work. Time to find another way!

Challenges still left to do:

- 3D design and print a new servo based XY movement system for each robot
- Tweak Software/Hardware for: Player vs Player and Player vs AI

Join the live chat and add your comments, ideas, and suggestions!

Well right on, have a great Thanksgiving break! As for me I love total robot destruction and domination,why I build The Terminator and Cylon to combat each other in the near future, (Evil laughing).