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Rock em' Sock em' Robots Live Hack....Another brick in the wall!

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Rock em' Sock em' Robots Live Hack (Part 4)

I've always loved the look of the Rock'em Sock'em Robots game but absolutely hated the feel of it. My goal will to robotize the game. I'll be adding in Micro HDD servos for the punching arms and 2 mini gantry systems for the X-Y movement. I'd like the game to feel like a real life super punch out! I hope to add the capability to play with two players (USB joysticks), or against an A.I. opponent. I'd also like to incorporate the power glove in some way. While I'm not a fan of robot violence I do have a special place in my heart for friendly, non-destructive, competition.

Challenges still left to do:
- finish final tweaks on the Blue Bomber XY gantry
- Repeat everything for Red Rocker
- Figure out a sensor system for the head popping
- Figure out how to receive serial commands on the Arduino to move the stepper motors
- Software for: Player vs Player. Player vs AI, and AI vs AI.

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leeeets geeeet reddy tooooooooo rumble.xD
I missed the last session, does it run as a test or is this happen live next? Will be awesome to see a rumble!
I'm still working through the mechanical challenges that come with using an XY gantry system. I hope to have that worked out during this upcoming live hack session:D
Looking forward to your continued mission! Is DJ still alive? Did a bear get him at the cabin? He going to do anymore hacks?
DJ is still replying to my emails, so I can confirm he's still alive!xD

As for the rest, time will tell:D
I hope he comes back rocking a big grizzley adams beard !