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Robot Flower Live Hack Part 2!

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***Edit: Our food is going to be arriving a bit late pushing this hack back a bit

With Valentine's day coming up I thought a project featuring digital flowers would be fitting! This project is not original but rather a reinterpretation of the "Ever Blooming Mechanical Tulip" by Jiri Praus. Jiri's YouTube Channel is:

Instead of an Arduino nano or ESP32 we are going to use an IoTiny to give the project a bit more life! Of course, I'll be utilizing the ARC software to make it happen.

This week we'll be finishing off the hardware, making it look nice, and then creating an app with the ARC to control the Robot Flower! There's bound to be some hardships along the way, so join me and let my failures be your entertainment:D

Join the youtube live chat, and be a part of the process! *P.S. Sorry about last week, looks like I had 2 mics present. It'll be fixed this week!


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Have to see it Sat, evening :-)

What ever happened to your Voltron Robot?




Sounds good, have a great night! The Voltron robot was finished as far as I'd like to go with it. I may add a bit more paint and change a few brackets but yeah it's pretty much done. Funny enough, I have it here on my desk in front of me at the moment:D


The Voltron robot was a cool robot, like to see it again in action :-)

Waiting for part 3 now, I guess next week...