Live Robot Hack Session

Make Your Own Giant 3D Printer, Folger Tech FT-6, Vol. 3

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Third Installment of the Giant 3D printer build. Parts from Folger Tech, the model we are building is FT-6. The outside frame is together, it is time to start filling in the inside with the motors, gantry and bed equipment. I will get as far as I can , but there will be 2-3 more videos beyond this. My estimate is this would take about 16 hours to build before the first print. It is a lot of time, but a great deal of savings as well! I don't get back home until about 330-4 pm, so I have a little buffer before I get started on building again.


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The stream key apparently didn’t work , so I had to stop the stream and restart because it was not getting any video and the dashboard generated a new key, then this live hack changed to archived and I could not update it , there’s no edit option. Any help with this?  Anyways here’s the link that DOES work