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DJ Sures

DJ's Apple II Pi Hack (part 1/2)

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Remember my Apple II computer from a previous live hack event? Well, I'm going to add a Raspberry Pi to it's guts and use an Arduino to connect the Apple II keyboard to the Pi! I'm going to use a Pi Zero, that way it'll be nice and small. If the Pi Zero doesn't work, I'll upgrade to a B+ or something in another video. In this video, we're going to program an arduino, solder the wires and connect it to the apple ii keyboard.

Here we go!


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#1   — Edited

I installed windows on a raspberry pi b+ l ast night. The plan was to use windows as the OS for the Apple ii emulator.

it was unusable slow.

The sd card install process was straight forward and worked with a few mouse clicks. But windows ran so poorly that everything was a 5-10 second delay.

The ssd sata drive over usb process was much quicker but I ran into a problem that couldn’t resolve. The swap paging file for virtual memory won’t work on the usb ssd. So the instructions say to put it on the sd card. However, when the sd card is in the pi, nothing boots - just a black screen. I even have the bios set for the boot order to be usb first. And have set program_usb_boot_mode=1 in my Linux sd card to set the boot flag in emmc. So without a paging file, Windows is not usable with 867mb ram.

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